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Rev. Caffie J Risher

Rev. Caffie J. Risher, M.Div.              Pastoral Care Practitioner / Bereavement Specialist  

Ministering hope and healing to those who are hurting is our mission and our logo design is the sunflower because it represents hope towards the future.

At Good Mourning Ministry, we endeavor to provide you, your family or your organization with instruction, insight, inspiration, introspection and integrity as we journey with you from your midnight to daylight, from sadness to gladness and from mourning to dancing.

We understand that not all mourning is the result of death so we endeavor to journey with you through some of the other life cycle events that occurs e.g., divorce or end of a relationship, loss of a career, loss of trust, loss of faith, loss of safety, loss of health, moving, financial loss, etc..

We are committed to providing you with Christ-centered, Bible-based, spiritual support, love, care, compassion, and comfort as we help you achieve good mourning.

We want you to experience a healthy outlook towards the language about death, dying, grief, loss and bereavement and ultimately help you achieve a good mourning experience through our grief recovery work.

Please allow us the opportunity to journey with you, your family, your organization, your church and or your community.

Peruse our site and complete the electronic intake form so that we can remind you of the hope in Jesus Christ and assist you in having a good mourning experience!

In His Service,