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About Us

We are called to minister hope and healing to those who are hurting!

Good Mourning Ministry was birthed out of a need to help people and organizations who are hurting because of bereavement, loss and or grief.

Rev. Caffie J Risher

Rev. Caffie J Risher, M.Div.

Personally, I believe that death is a natural part of the human life cycle and that sometimes on this journey called life you may need a Pastoral Care Practitioner or Bereavement Specialist and that’s why we are here.

At an early age, I have beautiful and fond recollections of walking dirt roads in the south with my paternal grandmother, Jessie Mae Stokes Simmons. My grandmother was the caregiver to many relatives and friends in the community.  When there was a death in the family or if someone was sick and shut-in and just needed help, she was always there providing support, comfort and prayers.

Moreover, my formative years with Ars Moriendi – the art of dying were also shaped by my mother, Earlene H. Williams Risher; and my aunt, Effie Williams McClam; and spiritual mother, Dr. Arlene Churn.  Basically, my mother was the first person that would arrive to minister compassionate care.  She provided spiritual support to the person who was either hospitalized or dying and their family.  In addition, my mother made it her personal responsibility to prepare meals, attend the wake, funeral and or memorial services to show various kind expressions of sympathy and love.

Needless to say, my Aunt Effie would also provide moral support and comfort by purchasing food and cleaning the person’s home so that they would be ready to receive family, friends and out of town guests. Finally, my spiritual mother, The Rev. Dr. Arlene Churn who authored, “The End is Just the Beginning: Lessons in Grieving for African Americans” have been a strong supporter and encourager in helping me to complete the assignment that God has placed on my life.

Undoubtedly, these individuals shaped my ministry and taught me as a young girl, Christ care, compassion and concern for others prior to my official calling and formal educational training in this area. For, it is because of my grandmother, mother, aunt, spiritual mother, death of loved ones, personal grief and loss (marriage, jobs), academic training from seminary, hospice, chaplaincy, other grief certification programs, and my own mortality that have all prepared me to minister hope and healing to you.

Now, in hindsight when I look back over my life I can clearly see the hand of God in life’s subtle clues all of which have led me to begin Good Mourning Ministry!