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Death Themes in Music

“I love music, any kind of music I love music, just as long as it’s groovy” is part of the lyrics from the O’Jays song entiteld: “I love Music.”  I remember this old school jam like it was yesterday.

Most old school songs had so many meanings.  However, not too many of them dealt with the subject of death, dying or the dead.  Yeah, they may have dealt with the blues and having the blues but not too many of the old songs had death themes that were easily depicted.

Well, nowadays death themes are running rampant in contemporary music.  Unfortunately, they are becoming the fastest growing trend in all types of music genres.  What do you think of death themes in music?  And is it an attempt to cope with death or is it for marketing purposes?


5 Responses to Death Themes in Music

  • Gisele Carrillo says:

    Music is used as an attempt to cope with death. It can be useful in comfort as a therapeutic part of the human spirit; it is ideally used to share emotions between the people through the mood that the music brings up. Acknowledging these emotions together can help provide a reflection towards a clear path in recuperating from the loss. Music can release blocked or painful feelings and can stimulate positive ones such as love, gratitude and hope.

  • F Bronson says:

    Due to the increasing number of negative experiences in their lives many artist are discussing death, murder, and suicide at an alarming rate. With the hip-hop culture death has almost become a part of their lives. Some lifestyle choices has many of the artists and those who listen to their music not being sure if they will reach certain milestone ages before being taken from this earth. The deaths they are discussing are usually brutal in nature and on some level this may be a way of coping or preparing themselves for untimely death. The idea of this being used as a marketing tool can be considered, but this learner would rather see it as a way of them telling the story of their lives from that particular vantage point.

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