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Lessons in Grieving for African Americans

The End is Just the Beginning: Lessons in Grieving for African Americans by Dr. Arlene Churn

PhotoRev. Arlene Churn, Ph.D.,  is an author, revered preacher, grief counselor, and my spiritual mother.  She has written numerous books and preached many of sermons across the globe.  She is multifaceted and a true woman of God that exhibits a spirit of excellence.

Her book focuses on Lessons for the African American culture on grieving and reminds all of us that the end really is just the beginning.  Undoubtedly, Dr. Churn reminds us that there is hope beyond the grave.  She also reminds us that death is a part of life and we should all have our houses in order for no man, no woman knows the time of Christ’s return but one should always be ready to meet Him.

This is a must read for Clergy, Grief counselors, Death educators, Sociologist, Psychologists, Philosophers, Social workers, Students, Traumatologists, Gerontologists, Nurses, Chaplains, Funeral directors, Bereavement counselors, Hospice professionals, Researchers, etc.

Feel free to click on the link to —> purchase her book.

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